Us (Will & Josie)

Since we’re going to be delving into the lives of other couples, it seems only fair to share a bit about ourselves. Highly edited and with a slant towards flattery, obviously.

WILL (by Josie):

Will is the straight guy with the daft streak. When you first meet him he hangs back to work you out. Then, if he’s bothered, he’ll be the most loyal, affectionate, unpredictably funny friend you’ll ever have. If saying “he’s a stand-up guy” makes him sound dull, it shouldn’t. He’ll go all out for fancy dress when the mood takes him, a quality I find hugely attractive. Of the two of us, Will remembers anniversaries and makes sure we’re not late for things. But he also makes sweeping statements about getting a cat for Christmas in front of our children, having thought about it for approximately 4 seconds beforehand.

JOSIE (by Will):
Josie is a copywriter by trade, a wordsmith if you like, so there’s no way my bio about her can be as good as her bio about me.  Or maybe that’s more down to the fact she’s less interesting? Joke. Obvs. Josie is someone who wants to get the most out of every situation, the best out of everyone she meets. With an irreverent, dirty and whimsical sense of humour she’s always able to make me laugh.  What I adore is that alongside her energy and enthusiasm for every day to be a cracking one, is her warmth, kindness and generosity.  That said, it annoys the hell of me that every time she cooks a meal she has to put sunflower seeds in it…

At presents… Will
At cooking… Will
At perpetuating an ‘odyessy’ night out… Will
At coping with hangovers… Josie
At throwing… Will
At catching… Josie (with help from The Claw)
At winning Paper, Scissors, Stone… Always a dead heat
At drawing… Josie
At driving… Will on motorways and country roads, Josie in cities.
At being competitive… Will
At salads… Josie
At Risk… Will (hands down)
At organising fun stuff… Josie
At making trips to the tip fun for our children… Will
At amazing finds on eBay… Josie
At filling our house with crap… Josie
At singing… Josie
At singing imprompu medleys or ‘megamixes’… Will
At growing plants… Josie
At dancing… The jury is still our but Will claims he won the dance-off at our wedding.

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